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Traditional Advertising

We are an old school advertising agency at heart, specializing in printing, media buying and corporate branding. Relying solely on digital advertising can be a common mistake. Direct mail, print advertising, magazine and newspaper ads, vehicle wraps and billboards are still an effective way to engage customers. Selective Advertising knows how to use these methods to get results.

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Digital Marketing & Advertising

A major problem that never existed years ago is that consumers may never see your television spot, billboard or print ad. They may only experience what you have to offer from an online video, through a viral social campaign, by searching and finding your website, or any other myriad of digital channels available.

Getting your business attention is no longer only about how loud you yell or how smart you are. It’s about understanding how to put a complete marketing strategy together that brings all the mediums, communication methods and platforms together. It’s about getting your target audience to see you, no matter the method they use.
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Radio & Television Advertising

There are few mediums more powerful than Radio & Television. But the creative is only one piece of the puzzle. Selective Advertising has the expertise to plan, place and analyze the feedback, too. No matter your budget, our writers, directors and designers can stretch every dollar to elevate your image, whether it’s a fifteen second radio commercial or a sixty minute infomercial.