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Selective Advertising, Inc.

About Us

Selective Advertising has been in the business of telling the story of businesses for over 30 years (and no, we’re not that old – when we began we called ourselves KPB or Kids Playing Business). We have developed and maintained advertising campaigns across all media platforms and a wide variety of types of companies, including: Retail, Manufacturing, Corporate, Healthcare, Mortgage, Banking, Automotive, Bedding and Furniture.

We’ve always believed that there is no one size fits all solution, and our approach to the promotion of each business we represent is individual and customized. The company’s strengths and stated goals are the foundations for our custom-tailored marketing programs. We pair creative concepts with strong visuals to communicate your message and integrate it amongst the carefully selected, and well negotiated, media we employ. Whether it’s Television, Web, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine or Direct Marketing, your message gets uniquely integrated cross platform to support your message.

To learn more about our story and how we can help tell your story please call or email today.